Jozef “Joe” Thomas Essavi, a resident of San Fernando Valley for 26 years, is married to Nina and is blessed with four wonderful children. In 2008, Jozef was nominated by County Supervisor Mike Antonovich and was unanimously approved by LA County Board of Supervisors as a Los Angeles County Commissioner, where he served honorably on the Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Commission until 2010.

Again in 2011 he was re-appointed as a County Commissioner, to Alcohol and Other Drugs Commission, where he is still currently serving.  In addition, in 2014, He was appointed to the LA County Small Business Commission, where he is fighting to create good jobs and business friendly environment for our County.

Joe is a product of Los Angeles Valley College, where he was elected and re-elected as the ASB Union Treasurer and was unanimously nominated from LAVC to become LACCD Student Trustee. He was able to prioritize budget funds to keep student learning center open even after all the funds had been exhausted by previous management. Joe knows the inner workings of LACCD, its flaws and positive aspects and has worked with faculty, staff and administrators in a fair and balanced fashion.

Joe went on to receive his BA from UCR and MA from Cal State Northridge. In addition to his other commitments, he is a small business owner and has seen first-hand, the enormous value of public education in his own life. He has a passion to see people succeed and sees that success as a great community achievement. Joe considers Community College Professors among his top role models in life. Joe has been involved in education reform and excellence in education projects since he was a student at Los Angeles Valley College. As a business and community leader he continues proposing common sense and innovative solutions to reform and fix our broken education system.

Joe was elected to the Winnetka Neighborhood Council in 2005 and re-elected in 2007 and served as Vice-Chair of Winnetka’s Zoning and Land Use Committee and also is currently active with numerous non-profits and community organizations where he has served in numerous capacities. He served as Winnetka Senator to Los Angeles Congress of Neighborhood Councils and as Chair of Public Safety Committee.

He knows the current economic climate has put strains on our daily living and wants to do everything possible to allow students to overcome these challenges and achieve their greatest potentials by providing an affordable education for all.

Joe is committed to Proposition 13, the district’s taxpayers, and to accountability and responsibility. He is committed to full student access to education, vocational as well as academic training and education, lower unit fees, lower text book costs, and expanded private-public partnerships and scholarship programs. He is committed to teacher tenure rather than shuttling overworked instructors between campuses on our congested freeways. He is committed to giving independence to each of the nine campuses and their administrators. He believes in affordable education.

Joe Essavi will be “a trustee for all of us”.

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