How a $5.7 billion program to rebuild L.A. community colleges went astray –,0,3512910.htmlstory

Valley College’s health and science center exemplifies the poor oversight and quality control exercised by the Los Angeles Community College District in its vast construction program.,0,1960046.story

Chart: Top 10 contractors who donated to LACCD trustees and bond measures,0,4125546.graphic

L.A. community colleges’ green energy plan proves wildly impractical. The blunders cost taxpayers $10 million.,0,4909175.story

Revelations about abuses in Los Angeles Community College District’s $5.7-billion building program show the importance of voting in March 8 trustees’ races.,0,2941157.column

Former Mission College vice president Karen Hoefel was overseeing a multimillion-dollar campus construction program in which her family’s company was hired as a subcontractor.,0,2734186.story

College district chief promises to ‘take action': Chancellor Daniel LaVista says he’ll work with the board to review the district’s ethics code, conflict-of-interest standards, system for awarding contracts, and planning and oversight of the $5.7-billion construction program.,0,2393743.story,0,2393743.story

Larry Eisenberg has led the $5.7-billion bond-financed project since 2003. A Times investigation found that poor planning, shoddy workmanship and other factors cost tens of millions of dollars.,0,1858106.story

After the L.A. district repairs the shoddy construction, it should fix its management flaws.,0,2504244.story

The committee will examine costs and the system of checks and balances in the $5.7-billion bond-funded project. Critics say the new effort does not go far enough.,0,1831555.story

Unanimous decision by college trustees avoids cost and delay of trying to dismiss Larry Eisenberg without pay, a board member says.,0,4608284.story

District Trustees Kill Democracy, guarantee their re-election chances by eliminating Run-off elections with this “Incumbent Protection Bill”


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